Kulicke & Soffa Advanced SMT / Advanced Packaging Mass Reflow


The Kulicke & Soffa iX and Flexline of Advanced SMT Pick & Place units excel with their single pick, single place, complete process approach.  Using Assembleon’s unique process every, component is placed with the exact amount of pressure programmed for that device type.  Combining iX and Flexline stations a full range of component outputs can be acheived:

iX 502 (5 heads)
__Up to 121,000 cph, High Passive and Small IC Outputs
iX 302 (3 heads)
__Up to 79,000 cph, High Passive and Small IC Outputs
iFlex T4 (4 heads)
__Up to 51,000 cph, Dual & Single Lane Solution w/ High Passive & Small IC (up to 17.5mm sq)
iFlex T2 (2 heads)
__Up to 35,000 cph, Dual and Single Lane Multifunctional solution w/ large component range
iFlex H1 (Single Head)
__Up to 9,000 cph, Dual and Single Lane end-of-line/oddform solution with gripper capabilities

Regardless of the complexity of your boards, the wide range of components, and the tightest process control, K&S Advanced SMT has a configuration for you.  Feeder, JEDEC Trays, and 300mm wafer trolleys are all available.  Everything you need for any level of product mix and any volumes.  The iFlex line in particular is the most flexible pick and place unit on the market.  How can we help you with your SMT assembly needs?

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