Midas Technology Hermetic Package Delid / Hot Gas Component Removal


Midas Technology is the world-wide leader in hermetic package lid removal and internal component removal for components attached with epoxies up through Au/Sn eutectic.  The applications for these tools include device repair, failure analysis, and component recovery in the case of very expensive prototype semiconductor die.

20160208-Midas Delidder D5L6
Midas Technology Delidder D5L6

The industry standard Midas Technology DL Series.  Capable of delidding hermetic packages with 4 or more outside sides, and optionally, round devices.  Midas Technology delidders are specifically designed to be used inside clean rooms with its optional HEPA filter particle extraction.  The key to the Midas delidder is that metal particles are never introduced into the cavity and packages are ready for reseal the moment the lid is removed, without any additional sealing surface rework required.  No lapping or polishing.




20160208-Midas Hot Gas Rework HGRS-V
Midas Technology HGRS-V

Another industry standard is the HGRS series of Hot Gas Rework Stations.  Most commonly used to remove integrated circuit bare die, sub-mounts, and even sizable substrates from within microelectronic packages.  Dual jets and custom sized nozzles can be used to selectively heat and remove fairly large components, even those eutectically attached with Au/Sn preforms.  Dual nitrogen gets are fully adjustable X/Y/Z with varying levels of nitrogen to cool sensitive components adjacent to the targeted components for removal.




20160208-Midas Hot Gas Rework HGRS-1J
Midas Technology HGRS-1J

NEW for 2015!  For applications that don’t demand the high heat capacity dual jets provide, the 1J is the lower cost model of the two.  Here the single jet is permanently mounted at a 45 degree angle but is still adjustable in its reach.  Component cooling is limited to a single jet as well.  A stand-alone microscope boom and stand combo is optional and available for this -1J.

Both HGRS models have been used to remove ultra expensive die for recovery purposes, where its prior packaging has failed.



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