Riv Inc., Fine Line Thick Film Precision Printing Screens


Riv Inc. is a family owned precision printing screen manufacturing company in New England.  Started in 1986 by husband and wife team Ron & Ruth Rivard it is now owned and operated by their daughter Tania.  Riv is the predominant screen supplier in Northeast North America.  Riv can strip and clean your old printing screens putting the frames back into like-new condition, or they’ll be happy to supply new frames.  They apply any of growing list of precision stainless steel mesh lines and diameters at the angles and tightness that you require. Meshed frames are then staged for the precise pouring of emulsion, to the tenth of a mil thickness.  The screens can be supplied sensitized in black bags allowing you to do your own screen imaging or Riv can have the artwork printed and they will expose them for you.  Tania provides herself and her company on excellent service and quality.  Orders are routinely entered and shipped in just three working days.  Don’t settle for big company red tape and confusion in the supplied screens business.  Riv will streamline your process with fast, efficient and high quality service!

Manufacturers' Representatives for Northeast North America.