K&S sold the table top wire bonder product line to a privately owned EDM machine shop back back in 2016.  Today that company has opted to no longer offer replacement logic boards for your bonder.  If you need help with your K&S 4500 (4522, 4524, 4523, 4526) or K&S 5000 series wire bonders, scroll down below.

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Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation

What steel is to cities is what Indium Corp products are to microelectronics and electronics assemblies.  The full complement of solders, fluxes,  eutectics, braze materials, TIMs, and Ignitors in shapes and configurations that cover countless industries, attach and heat dissipation applications.

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Kulicke & Soffa

Connections, specifically Interconnections.  Microelectronic wire bonding these days is incredibly fast, at its lowest price point ever, reaching a reliability level never achieved before! Complimented by automated die bonding, flip chip, TCB die attach or incorporated into the most capable cross-over SMT Pick & Place systems available today.

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Kulicke & Soffa
Kulicke & Soffa Table Top Wire Bonder Service, Hands-On Training, Parts & Supplies

Kulicke & Soffa Table Top Wire Bonder Service, Hands-On Training, Parts & Supplies

Every bonder needs servicing.  Preventive Maintenance and Bonder Performance Evaluations should be performed annually.  Many ISO certifications require it.

K&S 4522, 4523, 4524, + 4526 ball and wedge bonder models were discontinued in 2016 but they are still highly reliable and fully maintainable wire bonders.  The K&S table top wire bonders are all volume production workhorses responsible for many companies entire manufacturing efforts.

The 5000 ball and wedge models were designed and introduced by K&S in 2013.  The 5000 is an all digital, PC based, using a 7″ touch screen for parameter entry and storage. The 5000 series wire bonders were the last table top wire bonder models manufactured by K&S.

LFG Micro Wire Bonder Service, Training, Parts, & Supplies
Midas Technology

Midas Technology

Mission Critical Microelectronic Rework dominance. The ability to remove hermetic package lids inside a cleanroom, without introducing metal particulate into the cavity, is why Midas Delidders are industry standard.

The ability to remove both eutectic and epoxy mounted components and substrates from microelectronic modules makes Midas Technology the industry standard for in-package rework.  A lower cost Single Jet Hot Gas system is geared more toward epoxies while the dual jet system is capable of removing Au/Sn eutectically bonded components and larger epoxy mounted components and substrates.


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Tanaka Bonding Wire

The largest supplier in the world for microelectronic bonding wire. We carry stock of both Al and Au bonding wire on half inch and 2″ spools.

We also supply manufacturing lines with just-in-time wire deliveries to keep their onsite inventory low with 6-10 day deliveries ARO or to schedule.

Tanaka provides our customers with an exceptional experience from purchasing through delivery, incoming inspection, and online performance.

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